Friday, October 7, 2011

Gedong Songo Temple, semarang Indonesia

Gedong Songo Temple on the slopes of Mount Ungaran, precisely in the Temple Gedongsongo, Darum Hamlet, Village Temple, Ambarawa district, Semarang regency, and the temple complex was built in the 9th century AD. Gedong Songo derived from the Javanese, "Gedong" means house or building, "Songo" means nine. So the meaning of the word Gedongsongo is nine (groups of) buildings.

Location 9 temples are scattered on the slopes of Mount Ungaran has beautiful natural scenery. In some locations there is also a neat pine forests and springs that contain sulfur. A light mist fell from the top of the mountain often appear unable to lead the eye from a distance looked Gedongsongo temple. This temple has similarities with the Dieng temple complex in Wonosobo. The temple is situated at an altitude of about 1,200 m above sea level so the air temperature is quite cold here.

To go to the Temple Gedong I, we had to walk 200 meters through the path that goes up. You can use the services of a horse transport for day trips around the temple Gedongsongo attractions. 1740, Loten find Gedong Songo temple complex. In 1804, Raffles complex record with the name because it is only found Gedong Pitoe seven groups of buildings. Van Braam makes the publication in 1925, Friederich and Hoopermans make writing about Gedong Songo in 1865. In 1908 Van Stein Callenfels do some research temple complex and Knebel terhadapt take inventory in the year 1910-1911.
Sidelines of the Temple III Gedong Gedong kepunden IV there is a mountain as a source of hot water with high sulfur content. The tourists can bathe and warm baths disebuah kepunden built near them. Sulfur smell is quite strong and quite thick cloud of smoke as it approaches the hot springs. Because of its beauty Gedong Songo Temple This is often a wonderful place to photograph Pre Wedding photo.

Admission: Adults / 5 years and over: Rp 5.000/orang and Rp 25.000/orang for tourists.

Service Rates Rise Horse Gedong Songo Temple
- Tourism Village Rp 25,000 (Wisman Rp 35,000)
- Into Hot Water Rp 40,000 (Wisman Rp 60,000)
- The Temple II Rp 30,000 (Wisman Rp 40,000)
- Package Songo temple Rp 50,000 (Wisman Rp 70,000)

To go Gedong Songo Temple trip takes about 40 minutes from the city streets Ambarawa with the rise, and the slope is very sharp. Location of the temple can also be reached within 10 minutes from attractions Bandungan. Here's a list of mileage to this temple.

- Ungaran - Gedong Songo: 25 km
- Ambarawa - Gedong Songo: 15 km
- Semarang - Gedong Songo: 45 km

GPS Waypoint: 7 ° 12'39 .72 "S (Latitude) 110 ° 20? 32.88" E (Longitude)
Google Map Refference (-7.211033,110.342467)


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